Our Engineering Services

We are experts in providing end to end 3D technical solutions, saving you time and money.
We develop your product.
We build your product.
We ensure the best results for your product.
AntWorks Engineering enhances the customer’s products so they perform at their best.

Our service provides best practice solutions to our customers enabling them to be more competitive in the market place. 

We concentrate on modern, cutting edge engineering, while our customers concentrate on delivering the best products.

3D Design

We develop your product

All design starts with an idea. At Antworks we can develop your ideas, and make them reality. Using the very best 3D design technology we will transform your idea into real, working products.

3D product Design
Product CAD drawings

3D Detail

Manufacturing Drawings

All our designs are developed in 3D, so you can review the products as they are developed. Once complete, we create the necessary 2D drawings for your workshop to manufacture, or we can help you through the manufacturing process.

3D Build

Project Management

At Antworks, your success is ours, so if you need a hand getting things done, we can step in to help you create your product.

Project management for civil engineering

3D Simulation

Digital simulation

Digital Simulation helps minimise the cost of development. We use the very best technology to digitaly simulate the product to iron out any potential problems, so your prototyping process is minimised. Simulation gets your product to market quicker, with less issues.

3D Render

Beautiful product images

Once we have muscled through the development phase, we can develop photo realistic rendered images and movies, to help your marketing team advertise and get the word out there – there’s a new product in town.

Beautifully rendered product images
3D Printing prototypes

3D Prototyping

Print mockups and Prototypes

Some times 3D digital isn’t enough, so we have the capability to product 3D printed mockups, and or functional models. Even short run production runs can be eventually produced depending on the technology you need to introduce.

“I hold Anthony at AntWorks Engineering in extremely high regard for his excellent engineering design ability as well as his friendly, efficient and professional way of doing business.

Anthony has always been a pleasure to work with personally and his creativity in solving many difficult problems has been displayed repeatedly – qualities I have rarely seen after almost 30 years of working in this field.

He has introduced me to half-a-dozen technical contacts to build complicated components – including 3D printing of prohibitively expensive metal parts. Anthony is able to diplomatically point out the more difficult challenges of a project, so that these can be “re-engineered” in a systematic and affordable way.

From my perspective, I know that AntWorks Engineering has an excellent reputation as a firm, and Anthony’s personal philosophy of “whatever you do, do it well” has ultimately provided a very high-quality product, at an affordable price, whilst building a strong and lasting business relationship.”

— Greg from MICROTRACE

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