AntWorks 3D

M4E Signage Integration

M4e CBP Samsung John Holland Joint Venture

AntWorks Engineering was engaged to provide technical and detail engineering support to the M&E surface team. Our tasks included gaps in the delivery of the major contract deliverables, in particular detailed design changes to the structural steel packages supporting various CMS and VMS signs.

Alterations to the structural packages were required to facilitate manufacture of structures to be Hot Dip Galvanised, requiring splicing plates, lifting lugs and slight alterations to the structural package, under the guidance of NDY.

In addition we also coordinated the design of the signs and placement of VMS and CMS and supporting members so they could be installed with no delay to the programmed works.

Additional items were designed and manufactured to fill gaps in contract delivery so the packages could be delivered and installed as per programme.

The above measures were necessary due to the complex nature and fast pace delivery of the project, A testament to the M&E surface team delivering their portion of the project ahead of schedule.

Some examples of the 3D designs of the structures below.

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