AntWorks 3D

Amtek Instrument Bridge

Amtek are a innovative company servicing the emergency vehicle market in Australasia. Alan and Tony approached AntWorks Engineering to further develop their instrument bridge for the stryker patient transport stretcher.

It started with Alan’s functional mock up as pictured below:

Alan’s goal was to build a instrument bridge super strong and super light with relative ease to mount on the stryker power pro patient transport system.

We then worked on some concept designs to meet Amteks Goals.

After some iterations in design, we developed the first 3D printed trial grips to mount to the Stryker chassis.

The designs were then sent to Amteks manufacturing facility to further develop the product to prototype stage.

The total assembly now weighs 3.5kg compared to the original design of 25kg, and capable of with standing the G forces required under the AS4535 Ambulance restraint systems.

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